– Henry doesn’t have an official website as of June 2009.
– Henry defines himself as a very outgoing person who likes to go out at night and with a hidden talent for languages. He looks up to and is inspired by his best friends and his brothers who are the reason why he stays down to earth.
– While filming Hellraiser: Hellworld, Henry had to be attached to a harness to fake a hook going through his chest. The crew forgot to untie him as they all left for luch.
– Henry’s favourite colour is blue, in all shades.
– Henry’s best childhood memory are the play fights with the whole family.
– Henry was predicted as the kind of actor one would like to watch grow by Interview magazine on April 2008.
– Henry loves home made strawberry and cucumber milkshake, nachos, pizza and Fries. His favourite dish is spicy sausage ragu and his drink of choice is a dirty Martini.
– Access Hollywood selected Henry as a Rising Star in April 2008.
– Henry loves to travel and so far the favourite place he’s been at is Nepal. He describes it as “mind blowing” in a 2008 interview for the US Weekly. He’d love to visit Brazil.
– Henry was the first choice to play Edward Cullen in the vampire film, Twilight. However, by the time production was to begin, he was 25 years old, and no longer looked the part of a 17-year old. He was consequently offered the part of Carlisle Cullen but turned it down due to his commitment with The Tudors.
– Henry owns a brown leather jacket. He states that he could not live without it.
– Henry is fluent in English and French and he can maintain a conversation in Italian and German. And what he considers quite important, he can order a beer in Czech.
– Henry Cavill was chosen as the face and spokespersonn of Dunhill Fragrances (Dunhill London and Dunhill Black). He shares this honor with Jude Law who previously launched a fragrance for Dunhill.
– If Henry hadn’t become an actor, he says he would have joined the forces since he grew up with a lot of patriotic pride. He had also a big inclination towards Egyptology.
– Henry’s pet peeves are people who always want to be the center of attention, those who are unfriendly and those who don’t put enough effort in whatever they do.
– Henry has a pet parrot and a dog.
– Henry has 4 brothers (three older and one younger) and no sisters. One of his brothers is married. His parents are still together.
– Henry’s hobbies include snow boarding, reading, partying, meeting new people and going to the beach. He also likes to reply to his fans.
– The worst job Henry ever had, was working for lawyers at a law firm. He worked as their tea and photocopy boy.
– Favorites: Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Scrubs, Gladiator, Def Leppard, Rugby, KFC or In ‘n’ Out Burger, Hummer or Viper.
– As of 2008, Henry resides in Jersey, Channel Islands and in London, England, both in the United Kingdom.
– Henry’s last name, Cavill, is pronounced like the word ‘travel’.
– Henry loves to play rugby, but no longer plays because of injuries.
– Henry attended St. Michael’s Preparatory School in Jersey and Stowe boarding school in Stowe
– (Buckinghamshire), where he acted in several plays and musicals, getting to direct one of them.
– No matter where Henry is going, he never leaves his home without money, credit cards and his passport.
– Henry says his dream role is to play Alexander the Great. He declares himself fascinated by period action movies and ancient History.
– In the December 2005 edition of Empire Magazine, Henry was dubbed “the most unlucky man in Hollywood” after he lost the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins to Christian Bale, James Bond in Casino Royale to Daniel Craig, Superman/Clark Kent in Superman Returns to Brandon Routh and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to Robert Pattinson. In all these roles, Henry was among the final two that were being considered for the roles.
– Henry’s nicknames are Henners, Hank and H.
– Henry is 6’1″ (1.85 m) tall. His hair is brown and his eyes are blue but he’s got a brown bit at the top of his left eye. He has no piercings or tattoos.


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