March 17 New Haircut to Henry

The Man of Steel wrapped up filming a month or so ago, with Henry Cavill sporting at least some kind of resemblance to the iconic look of Superman’s hair. While Cavill may not have featured the “S” curl — at least as Superman — he did have some hair nonetheless.
Now, a new image has surfaced of Cavill featuring a buzz cut. It is unknown whether or not Cavill buzzed his head for a new movie, or to just look like the following super fan — Rob Allan!
Rob met Henry on a flight in Dublin, and posted the following pic on the Man of Steel Fan FB Page.
Pretty cool. For more from Henry Cavill check out Immortals currently on Blu-Ray, The Cold Light Of Day this coming Fall, and the Man of Steel in June of 2013.

That makes me nostalgic for S1 Charles Brandon…

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