Henry Cavill Talks Getting Ripped For ‘Immortals’ & ‘Man Of Steel’

written by Luciana XXXI.X

Some actors might get a little help from the costume department when portraying a hero on the big screen, but British actor Henry Cavill, star of “Immortals” and the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed “Man of Steel,” pushed his body to the max to get a hero-worthy physique.

“We did a lot of training. I was training for six months. I started before I finished ‘The Tudors,’” Henry told Access Hollywood at the junket for his latest movie “Immortals.”

“I was up at four in the morning, doing a couple of hours there and then a day’s work. But as soon as I got off ‘The Tudors,’ then we could do the full training. It went up to about eight hours a day by the time it was February,” he continued.

The 28-year-old actor said he endured “hundreds of bruises and cuts” while shooting the adventure film set in the world of Greek gods.

His “Immortals” wounds appear to have healed and Henry’s physique is a hot topic online as shirtless photos of him on the “Man of Steel” set have cropped up online for the last two weeks.

Despite the sexy shirtless shots, the actor warns that the movie won’t be a super hero flesh-fest.

“That’s only once sequence, a small sequence in the movie. It’s just people like to take a lot of photographs of it when they get the opportunity,” he explained. “It’s an essential thing for something like Superman. You’ve got to prove to everyone that it’s a super man, it’s not all fake, not all smoke and mirrors.”

According to Henry, his caped hero has more abs than the average comic book character.

“It’s an eight pack!” he said of his ripped mid-section.

“Immortals” hits theaters on November 11 and “Man of Steel” is slated for release on June 14, 2013.


October 31 2011 Immortals Man of Steel

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