July 04 ‘Immortals’ Set Visit: Theseus

Here’s a Coming Soon interview with the whole cast of “Immortals”:

Henry Cavill – Theseus

Q: How exciting and terrifying is it to be in such a big production?
Henry Cavill: Very exciting. More exciting than it is terrifying, really. I felt the pressure at one point. I had to be in a certain kind of shape, it was getting close to punch day, and I only had so long left to recondition the body. I suppose that I was a bit stressed over that. That’s been the most difficult thing, just maintaining that throughout. But otherwise, extraordinarily exciting, especially working with a director like Tarsem, who has boundless energy.

Q: What’s been the most physically challenging scene or moment in the film for you?
Cavill: One moment you’re asking for? [Laughs] Most physically challenging… the tunnel fight, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about, was exhausting, purely because I had to learn the choreography on the day, and fight all day long. It sounds a lot easier than it is when it’s all choreographed fighting and everything, but you sell so much of the hits, so you’re making a quite larger move than is necessary, and that in itself is a cardio workout. Plus you’re throwing all the emotion and the aggression into it; coupled together, truly exhausting. You do that for three days, four days, alone, without doing the other stuff, which thankfully my stunt double Alain Moussi, who is fantastic, did a lot of the shots from behind, so I could save my energy for an hour or so and then go back in and do the reverse.

Q: In terms of Theseus’ goals leading up to this huge battle in the end, how are you playing him emotionally?
Cavill: Well, Theseus’ reasons of existence change throughout; he goes from atheist to martyr, ultimately. At the beginning, it’s merely to protect his mother and himself; that’s the only reason why he fights or exists and then it adapts for revenge, and then beyond that for things that are greater than he is. And so you pull the emotion from all sorts of different sources. Not necessarily easy to do.

Q: Is it a little daunting to think you’re about to become a major Hollywood leading man? Are you prepared?
Cavill: Excited. Hollywood leading man or not, it’s gonna open up a lot of doors and open up a lot of opportunities to do some fantastic, creative products.

Q: This may be strange, but every time Warner Bros. talks about rebooting Superman, your name keeps coming up. Has there ever been anything to that?
Cavill: Yes, there was. A while ago now. Must have been four or five years ago, maybe more. McG was working on a script with them, and – I don’t know how close I came, I’m not going to repeat rumors and hearsay. I understand it was very, very close. And sadly the movie was cancelled because, I understand, McG didn’t want to fly. He certainly had a big fear of flying at the time and I think he’s since overcome it. But he wanted to shoot in New York, they wanted to shoot in Australia, for obvious reasons, and he said, “No, I can’t do it.” These things happen, it’s Hollywood.

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