May 06 Version Three

Finally the site has a new shiny layout!! I wanted something fresh and our Nicole made this for us, what do you guys think about it? Do you like it? Let me know :]

7 Comments to " Version Three"

  1. julia says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! What can I say more?

  2. mel says:

    love the new layout! The green is gorgeous 🙂

  3. J says:

    Very nice!

  4. A says:

    Very nice! my favorite color is green. This is also my favorite HC fansite. Great Job.

  5. Kim says:

    I love the new layout and that’s my favorite Henry photoshoot 🙂

  6. Nyx says:

    I really like the new layout! 🙂

  7. suri says:

    LOVE IT!!! =D