7 April 2011   Comments Off on Henry Cavill And Luke Evans Talk ‘Immortals’

Relativity Media recently offered audiences their first glimpse at “Immortals,” a stylish, mythological adventure directed by filmmaker Tarsem (“The Fall,” “The Cell”). Before Tarsem and producer Mark Canton (“300”) screened a few minutes of footage from the coming movie, Speakeasy sat down with two of the film’s stars, Henry Cavill (who’s set to play Superman in Zack Snyder’s franchise reboot “Man of Steel”) and actor Luke Evans, for a conversation about the challenges of bringing new life to old myths.

How tough is it to connect with the grandiosity of stories about the gods, and make sure everything also feels immediate and relatable to contemporary audiences?

Luke Evans: I think as an actor you have to be able to relate to the role before you take the job, whether it be a god or whatever. You have to see something in your character that you can relate to. And I’m sure Henry did the same thing, but I look at the role Henry played, and I can relate to what he goes through; he has a struggle on his hands – he lost his mother, he finds his feet, he falls in love, all of these things, they’re human feelings. So I can relate to that, and what I had to do with Zeus is make people understand that this god wasn’t just a [guy throwing] lightning bolts, he had feelings and he cared about these people on earth, and that was my responsibility, to prove that in what I did on screen.

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6 April 2011   Comments Off on Additional photoshoots

I’m currently looking into my HD to see my Henry collection, and add what’s been missed in our gallery. There’s two more photoshoots done in 2009 now added.

I have A LOT of pictures to be added, so keep coming to see all the updates.

4 April 2011   Comments Off on Tarsem’s ‘Immortals’ Unleashed at WonderCon with a Badass Trailer

“If there is one human who could lead them against Hyperion, it would be Theseus…”

After the presentation at WonderCon, “Immortals” it’s being considered the most antecipated movie from 2011.

A trailer has been saw and I cannot read anything but excitement about it.

It’s hard to describe all of the footage and I’m sure the trailer we saw will be out very soon, but it looked like a visually astounding and completely badass new take on Greek mythology. There were epic battles that, using CGI, looked to have the scope and scale of Return of the King’s Minas Tirith battle, with thousands upon thousands of troops lined up outside of a massive mountain fortress. Mickey Rourke, who plays the main villain King Hyperion (Cavill described him as a “scary dude”), looks insanely brutal and intimidating, wearing a helmet with sharp metal spikes that encircled his entire head. There were tons of stylized slow-mo fight scenes and Luke Evans playing Zeus swinging a whip made entirely of fire. It. Looks. AWESOME! [First Showing]

The trailer wasn’t leaked yet, and I hope they release it soon.

4 April 2011   Comments Off on Gallery updates: HQ add-ons

I’ve updated the gallery a couple days ago with the events Henry attended this year so far. Today I have some great HQ’s added to this albums. Plus, added a missing portrait done back in 2009 at Tribeca, while Henry was promoting “Whatever Works”.

3 April 2011   Comments Off on More gallery updates

I’ve just updated the gallery with more eye candy for you. Added two brand new sections, with Photoshoots and Other Projects and added near 100 pictures to it.

3 April 2011   Comments Off on Gallery Updates

Starting with the updates here, I’ve added pictures of Henry at Wondercon, plus some pictures from “Sucker Punch” in London.

In a site related, we had to change our twitter account. So if you was following us, please, do it again in our new account @mrcavill_.
More updates are coming, please bare with us!