9 May 2011   Comments Off on Photos of Henry at Montreal airport

Do you remember I posted a while ago a picture of Henry arriving at Montreal airport, while he was there to reshoot his part for “Immortals”?

I’ve look for more pictures, with no success. But my friend Nina (from Henry Cavill Brasil) sent me 14 HQ pictures of him at the airport. Check it:

6 May 2011   Comments Off on Old events additions

Once again I have a gallery update for you. I’ve added photos of some old events Henry attended. I know there’s any ‘new’ picture, but I’m sure you can’t find some of this pictures in such good quality and completely untagged, so if reposting, give us a link back, ok? 😉

5 May 2011   Comments Off on ‘Immortals’ trailer to debut with ‘Thor’ in theaters

THOR won’t be the only mythic hero from antiquity making a silver screen debut on Friday. This weekend the new 3-D epic trailer for Immortals, a fantasy epic from Relativity Studios, will debut with THOR in theaters.

Be sure to visit IMMORTALS on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to lovely Melanie from Relativity Media for sending us the exclusive new Immortals still with Henry as Theseus in high quality resolution. You can find it now in our gallery.

5 May 2011   Comments Off on “Immortals” new photo!!

EW has posted an exclusive picture of Henry in “Immortals”:

5 May 2011   Comments Off on Summit Announces Release Date for ‘Cold Light of Day’

Finally, Cold Light of Day got a release date! It has an opening of May 06, 2012.

Cold Light of Day, directed by Mabrouk El Mechri, follows on a man (Cavill) whose family is kidnapped while on vacation in Spain. In a race against time to rescue them, the ma uncovers some family secrets that form a mysterious connection to their disappearance, as well as a government conspiracy as maze-like as Madrid’s ancient streets.

5 May 2011   Comments Off on Happy Birthday Henry!

It’s Henry’s 28th birthday today, and Mr. Cavill wanted to wish him all the best.