7 June 2011
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This video was posted on Youtube a few months ago, but I just noticed it today. On this video, Henry is in one of his earliest performances – ‘old storyteller man‘ in ‘The Woodcutter and the Dove‘ at St. Michael’s Preparatory School, Jersey, circa 1990. Miscellaneous > Young Henry > Henry Cavill in ‘The Woodcutter and the Dove’ – 1990

3 April 2011
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Motion Captured – One of the benefits of being at an event like WonderCon is that you sit down with people who are involved in some of the most-anticipated projects for genre fans, and you get to be among the first people to talk about those projects with them. I’ll be moderating the panel for Tarsem Singh’s new film “Immortals” later today, and the star of that film is Henry