4 April 2011
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“If there is one human who could lead them against Hyperion, it would be Theseus…” After the presentation at WonderCon, “Immortals” it’s being considered the most antecipated movie from 2011. A trailer has been saw and I cannot read anything but excitement about it. It’s hard to describe all of the footage and I’m sure the trailer we saw will be out very soon, but it looked like a visually

3 April 2011
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In his first on-camera interview since being cast as Superman in Zack Snyder’s reboot, the new Man of Steel, actor Henry Cavill, chatted about everything from his research for the part to what it will be like working with his Lois Lane, Amy Adams. MTV News caught up with Cavill at WonderCon 2011, where he was promoting his upcoming film “Immortals,” in which he plays a Greek warrior. Turns out

3 April 2011
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Motion Captured – One of the benefits of being at an event like WonderCon is that you sit down with people who are involved in some of the most-anticipated projects for genre fans, and you get to be among the first people to talk about those projects with them. I’ll be moderating the panel for Tarsem Singh’s new film “Immortals” later today, and the star of that film is Henry

3 April 2011
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Zack Snyder’s Superman to-be (and Amy Adams’ next co-star) Henry Cavill has already gotten super-hot in order to play a Greek hero in Immortals, but now he has to get hot in a whole new way in order to play Superman. “Cavill spent months on Tarsem’s Immortals, maintaining six percent body fat, and, he jokes, competing with his co-stars to see ‘who had the best abs,’” Movieline reports, following an

8 September 2010

Thanks to AccidentalSexiness we got the first pictures of Henry on the set of “The Cold Light of Day”. The pictures were taken while Henry was filming scenes of the upcoming movie in Javea, Spain on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010. Take a look!! [x005] Movies > The Cold Light of Day (2011) > Behind The Scenes

8 September 2010
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News from the movie, but I think this magazine got the wrong summary. Am I wrong? Willis is the father and Henry is the son, right? Shooting has started for the latest Bruce Willis action film on the Alicante coast. The thriller has the title ‘The Cold Light of Day’ and also stars Henry Cavill from The Tudors, and Sigourney Weaver. It tells the story of an American whose family