2 November 2017
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Henry fronts the December 2017 issue of Men’s Health UK magazine, and discusses his training for Justice League. Check out high-quality scans in our gallery!

27 October 2017
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Henry attended the fans meeting event in Beijing earlier today, sporting the Superman-curl hairstyle once again! There’s not much photos yet, but I have added four into the gallery.

27 October 2017
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Early today, the Justice League stars visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. I have added some photos in our gallery! Co-star Jason Momoa also shared a photo on his Instagram. Family photo. Temple of heaven #justiceleagueinheaven #touristshit #thankgodwegotout #allinbeijing aloha j A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on Oct 26, 2017 at 7:48pm PDT

27 October 2017
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Hey guys, my name is Jasper and I’m the new owner of this site. I’d like to thank Annie for letting me take over. I’ve always been a huge fan of Henry, so I’m really excited to be running a fansite dedicated to him. There’s quite a lot of stuff that’s missing from the gallery, but I couldn’t make it in time to work and catch up on that before

17 March 2017
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Henry Cavill has joined Tom Cruise in the 6th Mission: Impossible movie, along with the returning cast Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg. The announcement was quite interesting. First the Director, Christopher McQuarrie posted on Instagram: Say, @henrycavill. Had a thought. Curious if you're interested in a role in the 6th installment of Mission: Impossible. No pressure. A post shared by Christopher McQuarrie (@christophermcquarrie) on Mar 16, 2017 at

17 March 2017
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Coming on Netflix on April 21st is Sand Castle, here’s a first look: Set in Iraq in 2003, Sand Castle follows a group of American soldiers in the early days of the second Gulf War. Bearing witness to the heat and the horror is the inexperienced Private Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), who, together with several fellow soldiers, is ordered to the outskirts of Baqubah to repair a water pumping station