7 April 2011
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Just added something near 50 files in our gallery scans, from publications since 1997. Last additions – Magazine Scans

3 April 2011
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I’ve just updated the gallery with more eye candy for you. Added two brand new sections, with Photoshoots and Other Projects and added near 100 pictures to it. Other Projects > Advertisements > Dunhill Magazine Scans > 2011 – EW (February 25) Magazine Outtakes > Photoshoots

9 January 2010
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Thanks to the amazing girls at Ontd_Cavill I found out about this online segment, it’s a behind the scenes from a photoshoot for Glamour UK. The man looks soooo fine, there are no words to describe how freaking hot he is!! EDIT: Thanks to in_the_flowers we have also the scan from this issue!! Thank you honey! [x096] Online Interviews > February 2010 – Glamour Magazine BTS Photoshoot And this is