1 December 2011
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“The unluckiest man in Hollywood” now has been tapped for two major starring roles. Not that long ago the British film magazine Empire called British actor Henry Cavill “the unluckiest man in Hollywood.” Cavill, a native of the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands near France, was almost Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies, but Robert Pattinson got the nod. He had been cast as the new Superman,

18 November 2011
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Thanks to lovely Mayara we have now the full set of pictures from that session Henry did to Men’s Health. Sadly, they’re tagged, but still worth the view. Enjoy! Magazine Scans > 2011 – Men’s Health UK (December 2011)

16 November 2011
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I added additional pictures of that portrait Henry did to LA Complex, plus pictures of an USA Today portrait, both done while he was promoting Immortals in Los Angeles. Check it: Magazine Outtakes > Photoshoots > 2011 – LA Complex Magazine Outtakes > Photoshoots > 2011 – USA Today

11 November 2011
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Interviews & TV Appearances > Online Interviews > Immortals Press Junket – October 2011: USA Today Henry Cavill knows about overnight heroes. In Immortals, opening today, he plays an overlooked peasant propelled to lead an army into battle against a sadistic king. But before Cavill could even step into the role’s leather sandals, the untested actor had to convince director Tarsem Singh that he, too, had the right stuff. Going

10 November 2011
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In “Immortals,” the hyper-stylized Greek mythology movie that opens this weekend, Henry Cavill plays brave Theseus, a man who is told by gods and oracles that he has a date with destiny. Cavill can relate, in a way, because a little more than a decade ago, while he was still at a boarding school in Buckinghamshire, England, Cavill shook hands with the future. The campus of Stowe School was being

8 November 2011
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Added a portrait session Henry did last week while promoting Immortals in LA: Magazine Outtakes > Photoshoots > 2011 – AP