14 November 2017

The Big Six attended the world premiere of Justice League in Los Angeles last night. I have added high-quality photos of Henry at the event into the gallery! I’ll add more pics when I get more, so check our gallery again soon. Also, fans were able to stream the red carpet premiere live, and you can check out the full coverage below. Henry’s interview is around the 43:25 mark.

8 November 2017

So I’m finally catching up on the updates I missed during the Justice League press junket in London from last weekend. Here are some details and videos from several interviews Henry did in London! Starting with Henry’s Instagram, he shared a photo of him in the Star Labs set that is a part of the Justice League Experience, comparing it to his PC gaming set up at home. The cast

7 November 2017

So sorry for the delay, I have finally updated the gallery with 185 high-quality photos of Henry at the Justice League photocall in London last November 4th. Thanks to Sara for helping with these!

27 October 2017
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Henry attended the fans meeting event in Beijing earlier today, sporting the Superman-curl hairstyle once again! There’s not much photos yet, but I have added four into the gallery.

27 October 2017
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Early today, the Justice League stars visited the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. I have added some photos in our gallery! Co-star Jason Momoa also shared a photo on his Instagram. Family photo. Temple of heaven #justiceleagueinheaven #touristshit #thankgodwegotout #allinbeijing aloha j A post shared by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on Oct 26, 2017 at 7:48pm PDT

27 October 2017
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Hey guys, my name is Jasper and I’m the new owner of this site. I’d like to thank Annie for letting me take over. I’ve always been a huge fan of Henry, so I’m really excited to be running a fansite dedicated to him. There’s quite a lot of stuff that’s missing from the gallery, but I couldn’t make it in time to work and catch up on that before