11 November 2011
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Looking past Henry Cavill’s infinitely blue eyes and goofy grin, it’s not difficult to imagine the 28-year-old British actor transforming into an extremely intense dude as he describes the roughest day he experienced on the “Immortals” set — grasping the complex choreography for the film’s epic final battle. “I was literally learning it minutes before doing it,” said Cavill during a recent interview to promote the mythological 3-D action flick.

8 November 2011
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Henry Cavill’s career has finally come full circle – exactly 11 years after first receiving acting advice from veteran Russell Crowe, the two are to star as father and son in the new Superman film. A teenage Cavill was attending boarding school in England when Crowe arrived on location to shoot the movie Proof of Life. The aspiring British actor received a walk-on role as an extra in the film

11 August 2011
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26 – Henry Cavill Who? Henry Cavill will be flying into the mainstream as Superman in Zack Snyder’s reboot Man Of Steel. Why So Hot? He could hardly be hotter. As a Warner Brothers exec said, “He’s got an amazing quality. He has a very modern feel to him, we’re really going to try and make Superman as contemporary as possible”. What’s Next? Cavill will star in Immortals, as the

26 July 2011
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Stardom, as Henry Cavill knows, rarely happens in a single bound. Even when you’re the new Superman. So while most people may not have heard of the 27-year-old British actor before he landed the lead in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, he’s hardly come out of nowhere. In fact, he’s spent the past several years nearly getting — but ultimately been rejected for — such roles as James Bond (which

24 July 2011
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Sure, he was there to promote “Immortals” but Henry Cavill is the next Superman, and Comic-Con audiences are — to put it mildly — fans of Superman. So when Cavill stepped onto the stage for a panel with his “Immortals” co-stars, producers and director on Saturday, the audience was hoping for a morsel of “Man of Steel” — as well as some “Immortals” “Immortals” about the Greek warrior Theseus and

20 July 2011
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Henry Cavill is listed on #02 of Men’s Heath “Best Summer Bodies”: Actor Henry Cavill is never one to deny a challenge. After wowing audiences as the Duke of Suffolk in the hit Showtime drama The Tudors, Cavill switched gears (and slimmed down to an impressive 6 percent body fat) to play the mythic Greek warrior Theseus in the upcoming USA epic Immortals. It’s just the type of role he