2 March 2010
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Finally Showtime released the HD version of the trailer previously posted and it’s totally another story. This season is going to be AWESOME!! HD screencaps have been added to the gallery, take a look! [x040] Television > The Tudors (2007-2010) > Season IV > Trailer #1

28 February 2010
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Screencaps will be added as soon as we have a better quality version of this trailer ^_-

17 February 2010
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Not only is Superman flying back to the big screen, he’s doing so under the watchful eye of “The Dark Knight” filmmaker Christopher Nolan. With Nolan’s sensibilities guiding the film’s tone, you can bet that this is going to be a more mature — though not necessarily dark — “Superman” movie. As the rights to the character’s Kryptonian origins are currently in murky legal waters, I think it’s best if

1 February 2010
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One of the priciest pictures set to shoot here (Montreal) is Dawn of War, a $115-million production starring Henry Cavill from the hit TV series The Tudors. This epic set in ancient Greece is expected to be a special effects-laden film that will, according to director Tarsem Singh, have a real contemporary look to it. Pre-production on Dawn of War was recently halted so the producers could look into the

23 January 2010
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Still trying to get back all the files I lost with the freaking malware and believe me… they were a lot *crying* But you know…at least it’s Henry and is always a pleasure to watch these episode over and over again to make caps! Enjoy this new HD screencaps and take a look at the new layout Ery made for the approved fanlisting. It’s stunning! Previously it had a different

17 January 2010
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Just added over 500 HD screencaps of Henry in “Tristan + Isolde” and a bunch of promotional shoots from Town Creek…or Blood Creek…Creek…whatever!! As you may have already noticed, the site has a brand new layout, the header has been made by Nicole and it looks spectacular, don’t you think? ^_^ There’s also a new nagivation menu with a link to our amazing LJ community mantained my Meg and another