1 February 2010
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One of the priciest pictures set to shoot here (Montreal) is Dawn of War, a $115-million production starring Henry Cavill from the hit TV series The Tudors. This epic set in ancient Greece is expected to be a special effects-laden film that will, according to director Tarsem Singh, have a real contemporary look to it.

Pre-production on Dawn of War was recently halted so the producers could look into the possibility of shooting the film in 3-D, which would add something like $15 million to the budget. Following the record-breaking success of 3-D hit Avatar, studio executives in Hollywood are more eager than ever to make films in the new state-of-art 3–D.

Source: MontrealGazette

  • Sarika
    Posted on February 02, 2010

    I am so excited for this movie. Henry Cavill + Greek mythology = AWESOME.

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